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Welcome to the Two Rock Outdoor trail running and culture xperience. Embrace the Rhythms of Nature and join us for trail running and wellness amidst Ireland's stunning landscapes. From the untamed beauty of Wicklow to the rugged charm of the west and immersing yourself in charmingly accommodating midlands. Running, rejuvenation and enjoyment abound on this sustainable adventure.

Trail Running Kerry, The Heartlands and Wicklow

The first in our series of trail running holidays that showcase Ireland's diverse landscapes, including coastal trails, rugged mountains, verdant forests and serene lakeshores. 

2025 hiking trips

Hiking Holidays

Bespoke mountain trips for the hiking enthusiast. Explore some of Ireland's rugged peaks and coastal tracks. Take in unique geology, flora and ancient cultures. Embrace the elements with us.

We have been showing off Ireland's beauty for over a decade. Our passion is for nature and the culture and folklore that has protected these remote locations for millennia.

Wild in Scotland Eastern Highlands

Exploring the rugged beauty beyond Ben Nevis. This immersive journey will take you through the stunning landscapes of the Cairngorms, where you'll stay in mountain huts, embracing the elements and experiencing the true essence of this majestic region.
As you traverse the Cairngorms, you'll encounter unique geological formations and the diverse flora of this arctic-alpine mountain environment. Our knowledgeable guides will share insights into the natural history and cultural heritage of this remarkable area.

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Embrace the Elements

This expedition-style trip is designed for those who seek to embrace the elements and connect with nature on a deeper level. Whether it's hiking through pristine valleys, crossing crystal-clear streams, or summiting awe-inspiring peaks, each day promises new challenges and breathtaking views.

Prepare to push your limits with fellow adventurers and create lasting memories in one of Scotland's most beautiful and untamed regions. Join us for this epic journey into the heart of the Cairngorms and experience the Eastern Highlands like never before. This region boasts perminant snow patches and hosts a variety of bird species, including ptarmigan, dotterel, snow bunting, curlew, and red grouse, alongside mammals like the mountain hare.

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Snowshoe in the Pyrenees

Join us for an exhilarating group snowshoeing trip in the breathtaking Pyrenees. Traverse snow-covered trails, explore serene alpine landscapes, and experience the beauty of winter in this stunning mountain range. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or new to snowshoeing, our expert guides will lead you through unforgettable winter scenery, ensuring a safe and memorable journey. Embrace the crisp mountain air and the pristine beauty of the Pyrenees
Enjoy the crisp mountain air and the pristine beauty of the Pyrenees on the first of our Long Range Winter series.

Accomodation & Logistics


From charming guesthouses and cozy hotels to mountain huts and chalets, we offer a variety of trips with accommodations to suit every comfort level. No matter where you stay, we ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere, providing a restful night's sleep after your daily adventures.

For a personalized experience, book a private trip for your group of friends or family and choose the accommodation that best fits your needs. Let us take care of everything so you can focus on enjoying your journey.

Stress Free Travel

Arrive at your destination and let us take care of the rest. From the moment you reach your location, our seamless transport services ensure a hassle-free experience. Relax and enjoy your journey as we handle all the logistics, so you can focus on making the most of your adventure.

Local Experts

Your guide will share insights into the history, culture, and the natural beauty of the area. They will provide you with a truly enriching experience.

Experienced Leaders & Trail Runners

You are fully supported by your guides who are experienced hikers and trail runners with a deep knowledge of the regions and trails. They will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Passionate About Nature

Your guide is passionate about the outdoors and will help you discover the hidden gems. They will inspire you to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature.

What's Included


We will stay in comfortable accomodation, where best possible with access to food. When we stay more remote, transport to the nearest town is provided.

Transport in Destination

All transport on board acomfortable minibus is provided in destination.

Concious and Experienced Guides

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are accompanied on all runs and walks by a qualified and experienced guide. Our expert guides ensure a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience while promoting eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism. At Two Rock Outdoor, we are committed to protecting the environment and supporting local communities, allowing you to explore each destination responsibly.

What's NOT Included

Flexible Dining

Some trips include meals to enhance your experience, while others offer the freedom to choose your own dining options. We provide recommendations for local eateries, allowing you to explore each destination's culinary delights. We also stock up on snacks throughout the trip, keeping you energized and satisfied. Enjoy the perfect blend of guided dining and personal choice with our flexible meal options.

Travel Insurance

We recommend you have suitable insurance for all travel and activities


Once you arrive in destination, we'll take it from there

The Team


Chief guide, a graduate in outdoor education, Kathryn has worked as a mountain leader guiding groups worldwide in countries such as Morocco, Costa Rica, Borneo, Vietnam, South Africa and Sri Lanka. More recently leading groups freelance around the Irish mountainside. As a hiker, climber and mountaineer, Kathryn has lived in the French and Swiss Alps. However more recently, Kathryn's time has been spent exploring the more local Irish and UK hills. Kathryn is first aid trained, Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing Instructor.


Guide, transport; logistics. Also a graduate in Outdoor Education with Geography, Climate, Sustainability and Environment. Darran’s jobs have been wide and varied from raft guiding to beekeeping. He has consolidated his experience in the mountains leading groups for outdoor centres and has spent much of his adult life in the hills. Winter seasons in the French Alps didn't fulfil his insatiable love of snow. With some 4000+ metre winter summits in the bag. He is a qualified International Mountain Leader and Wilderness First responder. Darran’s chief role in Two Rock Outdoors is managing transport & logistics as well as group leader. He started out driving buses in an Irish outdoor education scene & has driven buses through the most challenging alpine conditions. Darran has a passion for wild flora, fauna and environment as well as the history & folklore of the land.
The Team


"Just after a trip with Kathryn and Darran in Scotland And it was absolutely epic! A well organised weekend by two rock outdoor! really looking forward to more trips! The guys were Amazing with the group, Knowledgeable people and professionals at what they do! Top class keep up the good work guys 😊"

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