Preparing to Hike

While you can leave a lot of the planning to us, good preparation is still vital to an enjoyable day on the hills. Please take time to prepare for your hike. Included here is a checklist, please feel free to add to this to personalise your own back for the hike.

  • Please take time to prepare for your hike. Check the weather, double check your gear.

    Below is a packing list to bring with you;

    Appropriate footwear for mountain terrain, they must have good ankle support and waterproof 

    Rucksack - To put your stuff in

    Waterproofs -You should carry a waterproof jacket and trousers, you never know when the weather might change, especially in Ireland! Comfortable clothes to walk in.

    Spare warm layer - It can be quite windy on the summits. 


    Water and Food -You should carry at least 1.5 litres of water (more if its hot) and you should carry food to suit the hike - eg lunch and snacks for a day hike.

    Medication - Please carry ALL medication you may require for the day and please make us aware, before any hikes you participate in if you have any pre existing injuries or medical conditions

    Sun - Sun Cream, hat/cap & sunglasses. 

    Lunch & snacks

    1.5-2lts of water

    Comfortable rucksack 

    In addition for overnight

    Food - You will need to carry snacks and water for the weekend. 

    - 1 x Lunch (Saturday, on the hill)

    - 1 x Dinner (Saturday)

    - 1 x Breakfast (Sunday) 

    - Snacks

    - Duvet jacket

    - A warm comfortable sleeping bag

    - Gas stove (available on request)*

    - Tent and sleeping mat (available on request)*

    *Subject to availability