Two Rock Skylines - Our Irish Hiking Holiday Series

Embrace the Rhythms of Nature: Join Our Hiking and Wellness Holiday in Ireland's Stunning Landscapes

From Wicklow and the Wild Atlantic

Discover the untamed beauty of Wicklow and the rugged charm of Ireland's west coast with our eco-friendly hiking and wellness holidays. Immerse yourself in Ireland's breathtaking scenery and rejuvenate with our sustainable adventure packages.

Explore Wicklow and the Wild Atlantic

Experience Ireland's diverse landscapes over 8 unforgettable days. Our hiking holidays feature fully guided routes that cater to all skill levels, from beginner-friendly paths to challenging terrains for seasoned trail runners. Traverse coastal trails, rugged mountains, verdant forests, and serene lakeshores.

Expert-Led Adventures

Our trips are led by qualified, experienced travel guides with deep local knowledge. They will share insights into Ireland's rich natural and cultural heritage, enhancing your journey. These holidays are perfect for those seeking active trips with rest days for wellness opportunities, including beach visits, heritage site tours, sauna sessions, and, most importantly, a deep connection with nature.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations and Wellness Experiences

We partner with accommodations and businesses that share our commitment to environmental sustainability. Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, nutritious dining options, and a range of wellness experiences designed to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Join us for a unique adventure that embraces the rhythms of nature while exploring Ireland's stunning landscapes. Book your hiking and wellness holiday today!

Our aim is to partner with accommodations and partners that align with our values and ethos of environmental sustainability and we strive to offer a peaceful atmosphere and nutritious dining options.

2025 Dates & Enquiries

5th - 12th October